JavaScript Tutorial For Beginners


  • JavaScript is important to learn for students and professionals who want to learn web development and mobile application development.
  • It is used in web pages, desktop and server programs, some databases and in non-web programs. Node.js, MongoDB, CouchDB, Adobe Acrobat uses javascript. It is also used for game and mobile application development.

Benefits of learning Javascript:

  • Because of popularity, there is high job growth and the highest job payment for JavaScript developers.
  • There are many popular frameworks based on JavaScript. So, if you learn JavaScript, it will easier to learn those frameworks.

JavaScript Frameworks and Libraries :

  • jQuery
  • Angular
  • React
  • VueJS
  • Node.js
  • Ember.js
  • Backbone.js
  • Ext JS
  • Polymer
  • Meteor

There are many libraries and frameworks based on JavaScript. So, I’ve listed the popular once. When you learned how to use JavaScript with this javascript tutorial, it will be much easier to learn the above-mentioned frameworks.

Here, you will learn this JavaScript tutorial step by step with examples based on different topics.


1) Introduction to JavaScript

JavaScript is declared as the most popular language by a survey conducted by the Stackoverflow survey. Learn about the history, usage, browser support, tools. Learn how to create your first hello world program in JavaScript.
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2) Variables in JavaScript

Variables are used to store data values. You will learn how to declare and assign values to variables. You will also learn the rules of declaring variables.
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3) Loops in JavaScript

Loops in javascript are used when you have to execute a block of code repeatedly based on condition. Loops execute certain lines of code as long as the condition is true.
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4) Conditional Statements in JavaScript

Conditional statements in javascript are useful when we have to execute a different block of code or actions according to different conditions. There are many ways to create conditional statements like if , if..else, if … else if, and switch. Learn about them in detail.
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5) Ternary Operator in JavaScript

The ternary operator in javascript is useful to assign value based on conditions. This operator is used often as a shortcut to the if-else statement. Also, the nested ternary operator is used as a shortcut to if else if statement. Learn about how to use a ternary operator in JavaScript.
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6) Functions in JavaScript

Functions in javascript are useful to execute a particular task. To use functions, firstly they have to be defined and then you have to call them to execute. Functions make code reusable. If you want to execute certain code repeatedly, you can create a function with that code and call that function whenever you want.
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7) Strings in JavaScript

Strings in JavaScript are used to store a sequence of characters or text. They are also used to manipulate text. Strings are stored inside quotes. You can store them in single or double-quotes. Learn how to use strings in detail.
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8) String methods and properties in JavaScript

You can use string methods and properties in JavaScript. You can use methods and properties on strings as JavaScript takes primitive values as objects when executing them.
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9) Arrays in JavaScript

Javascript array is an object which is used to store a collection of values or items in a single variable. Arrays in javascript are a very important concept. You will learn the following key points with the help of this tutorial:

  • how to create an array
  • how to access items of an array
  • perform different operations on arrays in javascript with the help of properties and methods

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10) Objects in JavaScript

An object is a collection of properties. Property is a relation of a name(key) or value. Objects can be created using object literal and keyword new.
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Complete this javascript tutorial with examples. You should practice these examples yourself. Enjoy coding with javascript with your own examples. For advanced javascript knowledge refer: MDN

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jokerstash su
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