Best VSCode themes you must try

Visual Studio Code is free, open-source and runs everywhere. Visual Studio Code is very popular so there are many themes available in vs code marketplace. Therefore I have listed out the best vscode themes that you must try.

Why choose proper theme?

Themes give new special look for editor. Choosing proper theme creates pleasant environment and also increases productivity. Its best to choose light theme in daylight while dark theme in night time.

Installing VS Code themes:

VS Code has already installed some themes. You can install them by going through following path from options in the top menu bar:

  1. File > Preferences > Color Theme
  2. File > Preferences > File Icon Theme

You can see themes into dropdown box, click on the on you like and it will be set as theme for VS Code.

You can also install themes by searching them from extension panel and installing them.

Best VSCode Themes:

Winter is Coming
Night Owl
Monokai Pro

1. Winter is Coming

This theme is created by John Papa. In this theme multiple themes are present so you choose the on you like. Following themes are present in Winter is Coming theme:

  • Winter is Coming (Dark Blue)
  • Winter is Coming (Dark Blue – No Italics)
  • Winter is Coming (Light)
  • Winter is Coming (Light – No Italics)
  • Winter is Coming (Dark Black)
  • Winter is Coming (Dark Black – No Italics)

From these themes, you can choose a theme according to daylight condition i.e light or dark. From the above themes, Winter is Coming (Dark Black) and Winter is Coming (Dark Black – No Italics) are best as a dark mode.

2. Night Owl

This theme is created is by sarah drasner. This theme is designed perfectly for night owls who likes to code in night theme. Following themes are present in Night Owl theme:

  • Night Owl
  • Night Owl (No Italics)
  • Night Owl Light
  • Night Owl Light (No Italics)


3. Rainglow

This theme is created by Dayle Rees. Rainglow has multiple color themes for a number of different editors and platforms. Rainglow theme repository has 320+ syntax and UI themes for Visual Studio Code. You will definitely like a theme from this Rainglow theme pack.

4. Monokai Pro

This theme is created by monokai. This theme is particularly designed for the non-distractive user interface. The main goal of the Monokai Pro theme is to let you focus on your code. This theme contains both color and icon themes. This theme is definitely worth a look.

5. Noctis

This theme is created by Liviu Schera. Noctis theme pack has both light and dark themes with a well-balanced blend of warm and cold colors. This theme pack includes themes like Noctis Lux, Noctis Hibernus, Noctis Lilac, Noctis, Noctis Azureus, Noctis Bordo, Noctis Obscuro, Noctis Sereno, Noctis Uva, Noctis Viola, and Noctis Minimus.

Your Thoughts?

As above themes are pack of multiple theme, you will definitely like one of these themes. Out of the above best VSCode themes which are the ones you liked? What are other interesting themes you know? You can tell me through the comment section.


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